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About @Crowning Bhutan Tours

Guided by a sound policy of responsible tourism, we run on the idea of shared Corporate Social Responsibility.  As a responsible citizen of this isolated Royal Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan, nation-building is our collective responsibility and we’re the building blocks of the nation.

By the grace of your presence, we’re not only able to help the Royal government of Bhutan in the generation of domestic revenues of astronomical significance in the form of royalties and taxes that goes in the building of this nation in the building, but also addresses the burning issue of unemployment directly by involving the out-of-school youth and the fresh university graduates straight out of their high schools and the universities.

Besides, keepers of the handicraft shops, vehicle owners & their drivers, tour guides, office helpers & managers, and the hotel & restaurant runners, it has also benefited the rural poor directly by engaging ourselves with them; therefore, the returns from the tourism industry have made a whale of a difference in the government’s poverty reduction effort to emancipate the economically disadvantaged people from the otherwise abysmal living conditions.

Besides bringing progressive all-round developments in the country free of disparity, the government also provides us with free health care, build public infrastructures, and the education to our children as a result of it.

Established to accomplish this noble task, @Crowning Bhutan Tours is an accredited inbound local Bhutanese tour operator for the inbound travelers.  With rich wealth of experiences, we open the door to a world of wonders of this mini Himalayan Dragon Kingdom, rich in history, culture, and natural beauty.  Our tours of all group size span the Kingdom following the carefully devised itineraries by air into Paro from Singapore, Thailand, India, and Nepal, and overland travel from India that captures the true essence of our proposed destinations within the realm of Destination Natural Bhutan.  We offer holiday packages of a unique dimension.

...and when it comes to discovering Bhutan and to make your holiday truly memorable, you need someone who has in-depth knowledge of the tourism industry with rich wealth of ground handling experience on the road and off the road. @Crowning Bhutan Tours is the one for you. We’re in practice since 2006. Founded and managed by an Ex-Tour Guide and he is supported by a dedicated team of qualified tour professionals and they're well-read and well-informed. We are specialists in all that are special about Bhutan. We’re good managers on the ground. We know how to make your holiday in Bhutan a journey of a lifetime. Our firsthand ground-handling experience on practical guidance ensures that you enjoy the benefit of a well-organized tour.

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Crowning Bhutan Tours
M:   + 975- 17276199
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Mail: crowningbhutan@gmail.com
Paro Bhutan.

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